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Sunfire Lavender Albino

These intense Albinos are created by adding together the dark saturation of the Sunfire gene, with the beautiful Clark Strain Albino.


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Albino Sunfires are the most intensly colored Albino retics you can get, and are also the key to boosting the color and quality of any Albino Retic projects you are involved in.  These snakes come in the 3 color phases that the Albino gene offers, and can be expressed in White, Lavender, or Purple.  Breeding one of these into additional color genes, like Platinum, or crossing them into Co-Dom pattern genes, like Motley or Goldenchild, will give you front line morphs in the first generation.  Taking one, and breeding into recessive pattern mutations, such as Anthrax, Genetic Stripe, or Titanium will give you the tools to start new, multi recessive projects that will hold their value for a long, long time.

Sunfire Lavender Albino Female
Lavender Phase, makes all 3 color phases when bred.
Old price: $800.00
Price: $600.00
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